• For Instructors - Add a Turnitin Rubric to a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas

Step 1: Open Assignments


Step 2: Add Assignment

Click the Add Assignment button


Step 3: Add Assignment Details


  • In the Assignment Name field (1), create a name for the assignment.
  • In the Description field (2), enter the details, requirements, and instructions for the assignment.
  • In the Points field (3), enter in the assignment point value
  • Select the Assignment Group (4)
  • Display Grade method (5)


Step 4: Select Submission Type

In the Submission Type drop-down menu, select the External Tool option


Step 5: Find External Tool

Click the Find button


Step 6: Configure External Tool

  • Select the Turnitin LTI tool (1).
  • If you want the assignment to load in a new tab, click the Load in a new tab checkbox (2).
  • Click the Select button (3)


Step 7: Edit Due and Availability Dates

Set due or availability dates for the assignment. These dates appear throughout Canvas like regular assignments.

  • By default, Canvas will set your assignment dates for everyone in your course (1).
  • Create a due date for the assignment in the Due Date field (2). The option to add Availability dates, a date and time when students can no longer submit the assignment is open.
  • NOTE: If you set an "Until date" for the assignment, students will not be able to access the tool to view their feedback.


Step 8: Save Assignment

Click the Save button


Step 9: View Assignment

Click Settings in the menu bar options along the top of the window.


Step 10: Optional Settings


Select Optional Settings


Step 11: Attach A Rubric

Scroll towards to the bottom to an option titled, Attach a rubric to this assignment.

  • If you have previously created a rubric in Turnitin, it will appear in the drop-down menu (1).
  • To create a rubric in Turnitin, select Launch Rubric Manager (2).


Step 12: Rubric Manager


  • In the Enter rubric name here, give the rubric a title (1).
  • In the Criterion section, describe the criteria your students will be graded on (2).
  • In the Scale section, name the different levels of grading (3).
  • In each individual box, write a description to justify the grading (4).
  • Click the Save button when finished (5).


Step 13: View Assignment

After you have saved, your newly created rubric will appear in the drop-down menu. Select the rubric.


Step 14: Submit

Click the Submit button


Step 15: Saved Successfully