ES/VS Billing instructions

In an ES/VS event, there are 2 invoices that need to be combined into one joint invoice.

Any time after event is over, AND customer has received their videos, finalize the Video Services invoice and note the invoice number with an internal comment on the Zendesk ticket.

  • This signifies to the EQS Supervisor that the billing is ready to be completed and sent to executive secretary (Cindy) for payment to be applied.
  • The Video Services invoice MUST be finalized to move forward, because EQS invoice will be ready and done immediately following the event, while the Video Services invoice will be pending the video file upload and any possible editing.

EQS Supervisor will combine the equipment quote into the VS invoice, and send for payment to be applied by TLT accountants.

EQS Supervisor will notify the customer and close the Zendesk ticket.