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Not only can you (1) upload pre-existing videos you've created into My Media, (2) link to YouTube videos, and (3) create Video Quizzes, but you can also directly record new videos using tools that are part of Canvas.



A set of tools from the video platform company Kaltura is integrated into the University of Utah's Canvas learning management system or can be used independently from Canvas as a standalone application on your computer.

The tool set is called the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder and offers five options:

  1. Presentations & Lectures
         Record a presentation coming from multiple media sources.
  2. Screen Recording
         Record an entire screen or part of a screen.
  3. Webcam Recording
         Tell a story or personal profile through a short clip using a webcam.
  4. Screen & Webcam Recording
         In a single shoot, record from both the screen and a webcam.
  5. Voice Recording
         Record only your voice.


With these tools, instructors and students can create, upload, clip, manage, publish and deliver high quality video. They can post video assignments and incorporate videos into tests, announcements, blogs, discussions, and feedback.

We have a whole section of articles devoted to using the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder tools...

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