• My Media - Add YouTube Videos into My Media in Canvas

Canvas allows you to embed pre-existing videos directly into Pages, Discussions, and Assignments.  We recommend you first bring videos into your personal collection of media items in the repository called My Media. Here are the compelling reasons:

  • Videos in MY MEDIA are associated with your uNID so you can access your video collection in all of your Canvas courses, not just the current one.
  • You can add chapters to your videos to enable random access to different parts of the video.
  • You can "publish" a video or multiple videos to a MEDIA GALLERY to allow it to be downloaded or repurposed in multiple Canvas courses.

Below are the instructions for harvesting videos from YouTube and including them in Canvas with your My Media collection. At the end of this article is a link to another article that details how to move a personal file from My Media into the Media Gallery repository for a course that can be viewed by all participants (change from Private to Published).



From the left-hand navigation for your Canvas Course, click My Media to access the content found in your collection.

After a few seconds, the list of your media items appears. (The actual appearance of the options and buttons may change as the layouts are modified and updated over time. The functions and features should remain the same.)




  • Click the Add New button in the upper right of My Media and select the option YouTube.


  • After clicking the option YouTube, a window appears where you can enter the URL Page Link for the YouTube video you wish to include in your My Media listings.



  • Click the PREVIEW button.
  • A player appears containing the YouTube video you selected.
  • A set of text entry boxes also appears where you can describe your video: 
    • The Name of the file is required, but should already be filled in based on information from YouTube. Alter the name if needed.
    • The Description is optional, although a description may already have been harvested from YouTube.
    • You may want to add a Tag that indicates the Canvas course for which you are using the uploaded video.
    • YouTube-Metadata.jpg

  • Typically, leave the default setting that earmarks your uploaded video as "Private."
  • Click the SAVE button.
  • After a few second, a confirmation notice appears indicating that "Your changes have been saved."
  • Click the text area "GO TO MEDIA."
  • The YouTube video is now added to your My Media collection.






Need to PUBLISH a media item from your My Media collection so it can be downloaded or repurposed by others in a Canvas course? This method of publishing uses the collection called "MEDIA GALLERY."  Read the following article:

REUSE CONTENT • My Media & Media Gallery: Private vs Published Videos