• Scantron Scoring Services

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Scantron Scoring Services is comprised of processing and scoring completed scantron sheets and generating statistical reports for your exams. This service is available to University of Utah faculty members and graduate student teachers.

 1. How do I order Scantron sheets?

You have two options for purchasing Scantron sheets.

1. You can purchase sheets in the Campus Store at the educational supplies desk

For store information and hours, click on the logo below.


2. Sheets can be ordered directly from the Scantron Corporation.
(Purchase Card Required)
Please plan and order well enough in advance to ensure you have sheet on exam day.



Scantron Sheet Information:
Please order form number 221666 only. (Our service is restricted to this version)


2. Do I have to pay for Scantron Scoring Services?

What you’re paying for:

  1. Base Fee: Covers machine costs, scoring process and generating reports with a typical two business day turn around. $5.00 fixed fee.
  2. Scanning Fee: Cost per sheet = $.10 (e.g. 40 sheets = $4.00).
  3. Rush Order (Optional): For return service within one business day for an additional $10.00.

How to pay for it:                                  Get Order Form

  1. Enter your departmental chartfield number in the appropriate box on the order form.
  2. Enter an accurate scantron sheet count in the appropriate box on the order form.
  3. Check the “Rush Order” box to have your service returned within one business day. $10 fee.
  4. We generate a Campus Order and email a copy back to your billing contact.

Here is a Sample of a completed Scantron Scoring Services Order Form for your reference.
Please fill out every field in the Instructor box. Incomplete forms will be returned to be completed before service is offered.


3. Where do I send completed Scantron sheets after administering an exam?

**You must send a "KEY" scantron sheet along with
the bundle of completed scantron sheets**

Campus Mail or Hand Delivered:
Deliver to: Exam Services (UOnline Center)
Department: Teaching & Learning Technologies
Location: Marriott Library, Suite 1704

US Mail:
Exam Services
295 S 1500 E Suite 1704
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


4. After processing, how do I get my scantron sheets back?
Two options for return service. (Return service includes Scantron sheets and completed Order Form)

Campus Mail: (Default Service)
We will place completed sheets in an inter-campus envelope and place in outgoing mail.

In most cases, mail will go out the next business day.

Pick up:
You or someone from your department may pick up completed sheets in the UOnline Center, Suite 1704, Marriott Library

Picture ID must be presented to pick up scantron sheets.


5. How do I get my Reports?
All generated reports will be deposited in your Canvas Course to comply with FERPA security and privacy requirements. You will receive an email with a direct link to your reports.

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