• About Data Security, Gathering & Management Policies

In its data gathering and reporting, the Computer Lab Statistics Initiative follows the University of Utah policies and regulations with regard to "University Institutional Data Management" and "Acceptable Use of IT Resources, Information Systems and Electronic Resources."

In general the Initiative is interested in what systems and software are in use across the campus computer labs that students visit. We do not need to gather or report on data regarding what specific individuals are using computers and what they are doing. This includes tying individual identifiers with any of the institutional data being gathered about student academic endeavors, majors, performance, personal communications, etc.

Two links are provided here to point to the University of Utah Regulations that will govern the collection and management of computer lab data by the Computer Lab Statistics Initiative.


Policy 4-001:
University Institutional Data Management Policy


  1. This policy applies to those official and/or authoritative data that are critical to the administration of the University, regardless of whether the data are used or maintained by administrative, health sciences, patient care, or academic units. While these data may reside in different database management systems and on different machines, in aggregate they may be thought of as Institutional Data. This Policy does not apply to data acquired or maintained by University personnel primarily for purposes of conducting academic research, and reference should be made to other University Policies regarding maintenance and use of such data, including those in Part 7 of the University Policies.

  2. This policy describes general principles of management, security, and access that should be applied in order to maintain the value and guarantee effective use of Institutional Data and Information.



Rule 4-004A:
Acceptable Use Rev. 1


  1. The purpose of this Acceptable Use Rule is to establish the general parameters for the use of IT Resources, Information Systems and Electronic Resources.

  2. The University respects the privacy of employees, faculty, staff, students and other Users of IT Resources, Information Systems and Electronic Resources. Therefore the University does not, absent consent, specifically target an individual User to monitor, review, or access the contents of User email communications, User created electronic files, or a User's personal device being utilized as an IT Resource, except as set for in this Rule.