• Icons for use in articles

Here is an image of a hard rule, 2 pixels high and 620 pixels wide:


<hr />  

HTML tag for inserting a ruled line separator within text.

<hr style="border-top: 1px solid #ccc; background: transparent;">

<hr size="2" />
HTML tag for making a thicker line.  Just increase the numeric value until it looks good.


•   [OPTION+* on Mac or ALT+* on Windows]
Use a bullet + space to begin the title of each article.  Looks cleaner in the article lists.


Anchor tag html:

<a name="anchorname" id="anchorname"></a>


Paragraph Return:




Links to the TLT A-Z Index of Services


Links to an email address using an HTML tag such as:
<a href="mailto:alan.smithee@utah.edu">alan.smithee@utah.edu</a>


Links to a web-based form.


Links to an information article, document or web page.


Links to a Canvas-based course.


Indicates a phone number that can be called, such as our TLT Help Desk at 801-581-6112.


Links to a website or web page outside of the TLT website or a Canvas-based Course.  Includes other University of Utah departments or information supplied from the Instructure Help Center and Community Forums.


What's New in information or articles.

Or an alert to something of note.


Used specifically to indicate the open hours TLT offers in the Faculty Center or the office hours of other campus partner organizaitons:

Walk-in Consultations are Welcome!
Mondays & Tuesdays, 9:00-4:00
Faculty Center, Marriott Library-Room 1705


Large and small version of the logo for the TLT Knowledge Center that links to:




Used to itemize content in a checklist format.



Like a bullet point or a substitute for numbering steps in a tutorial.  The topic for that bullet is typed to the right of the graphic image and is preceded by a space.  The text is in BOLD.


Currently used in some articles to link to a campus map location via map.utah.edu


Used to indicate a video demonstration of some procedure.


PDF Document


A Canvas-based course.

Instructure's Canvas logo