• Adapters for Video Projection from Macintosh Computers

If you are connecting a Macintosh laptop to the installed A/V technology in a University classroom or learning space, there are two main types of connectors/adapters:

  • Convert the laptop screen signal to VGA
  • Convert the laptop screen signal to HDMI

Almost all of the A/V equipped learning spaces on campus now use the HDMI cable to plug into projectors and large flat panel TVs.

A VGA cable only carries the video signal from the laptop. If you need audio amplification from your laptop, be sure to ask the TLT Service Desk in the Faculty Center of the Marriott Library.

An HDMI cable carries both video and audio signals from the laptop.

Below are highlighted the most popular adapters we checkout.  TLT also has numerous legacy connectors and adapters for older protocols. Give us a call or send an email to ask about them (contact information is at the bottom of this page).

We only offer adapters related to connecting to A/V technologies.  We do not checkout cables that connect to hard drives, computer peripherals, or power adapters. You may wish to contact the Knowledge Commons on the second floor of the Marriott Library for those types of cables.




Requests for A/V Equipment are due by Friday at noon for events taking place the following week from Monday to Sunday. Use this online form:

Portable A/V Equipment Checkout



Adapter Type
Adapter End/Input Images
Thunderbolt (male) to VGA (female)
(Thunderbolt is also called "mini-display port")


Thunderbolt (male) to HDMI (female)
(Thunderbolt is also called "mini-display port")
Lightning (male) to VGA (female)
For use with iPhones and iPads


Lightning (male) to HDMI (female)
For use with iPhones and iPads
USB-C (male) to VGA (female)
For use with some of the newest laptops and tablets.
USB-C (male) to HDMI (female)
For use with some of the newest laptops and tablets.