• Connecting Laptops in Learning Spaces with Installed A/V Equipment

In order to connect a laptop to the technologies and projection systems installed in TLT classrooms and learning spaces, a VGA or HDMI cable is required. An audio cable is also required to amplify laptop audio when using VGA.

Cables and adapters are available for checkout from the Teaching & Learning Technologies Service Desk located in the Marriott Library Faculty Center, Suite 1705. They can be checked out for one-time use or for a full semester if needed. Cables can be checked out at no charge for credited course use.

You can review the types of cables and adapters we offer in these articles:

Portable A/V Equipment for Checkout

Adapters for Video Projection from Macintosh Computers


Cables and adapters can be reserved and ordered using the following form:

Portable A/V Equipment Checkout


For more information on scheduling campus classrooms visit the Academic & Events website from the Office of the Registrar:

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