• Technology & Teaching Day: Cutting Edge Technology (January 3, 2013)

Each year, Teaching & Learning Technologies sponsors a "Technology & Teaching Day" to review the specific uses of technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences, primarily online. This annual event is conducted with the assistance of the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE) and the Digital Scholarship Lab of the Marriott Library.

The theme for the Third Annual Technology & Teaching Day (January 3, 2013) was to "Take It To the Edge: using Cutting Edge Technology in Higher Education." Over 100 faculty and staff participated in the event, which included a keynote address, information sessions, and hands-on sessions. 

The program presentations included:

  • Take it to the Edge (Keynote Address) - Rob Barton
  • Using Outcomes in Canvas to Access Student Learning - Qin Li
  • Active Learning for F2F - Raichle Farrelly
  • Teaching and Learning With iPads - Devaki Murch
  • Utilizing Google Earth Across Multiple Disciplines - Justin Sorenson
  • Introduction to Concept Mapping - Dr. Donna Zigenfuss & T.J. Ferrill
  • Using Canvas to Create Rich Media - Nathan Sanders
  • Publishing, Portfolios, and Wordpress - Kim Mangun
  • My Flipped Classroom Experience - Brian Saam
  • Group Work That Works - Beverly Brehl
  • What's a MOOC? - Jon Thomas
  • A Quality Course Framework - Erik Hjorten
  • Prezi Preview - Greg Hatch

Use the link below to access video recordings for each session:

Videos of the Third Annual Technology & Teaching Day (January 3, 2013)



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