• For Instructors - Classroom A/V Checklist for Semester Start-up

For Instructors: Classroom A/V Checklist for the beginning of a semester:


 Does your classroom have installed presentation equipment?

  • Most general purpose classrooms on campus do have installed A/V equipment; however, a small number classrooms do not have A/V equipment.  Make sure to check your classroom’s A/V status ahead of time.  To find out what equipment is installed in your classroom and the type of connections it has, please call our Service Desk at 801-581-6112-option 1.  If your room does not have projection equipment installed, we can deliver it all of your class sessions.

 Do you need A/V equipment delivered to your classroom?

  • If your classroom does not have installed equipment, or if you need additional equipment such as a microphone, you will need to make a reservation to have equipment delivered to your class.  To make a reservation, please fill out our Portable A/V Equipment Request Form.

  • Portable A/V Equipment Request Form

 Do you have HDMI or VGA and audio connection cables for your classroom?

  • Most classrooms on campus do not have an installed desktop computer and require a laptop be hooked into the system for classroom presentations.  To connect your laptop to our A/V systems you will need to bring an HDMI cable or a VGA cable and an audio cable (if you want to amplify audio from your laptop).  There are just a few classrooms that have not yet been upgraded to HDMI, so you will want to know if your classroom is HDMI-capable.

    Cables can be checked out from our Service Desk located in the Marriott Library Faculty Center (MLIB 1705).  We can checkout cables to instructors for the semester, however we cannot deliver stand-alone cable orders.  They must be picked up at our Service Desk.


Are you familiar with the installed Audio visual equipment in your classroom?

If you are unsure of how to operate the A/V equipment installed or delivered for your classroom, you may schedule an equipment demo in your classroom, with a TLT staff member.  24-hour notice is preferred.



Questions?  If you have any A/V issues or questions throughout the semester please contact our Service Desk at 801-581-6112-option 1.  During the semester when classes are in session, our Service Desk is available Monday-Friday from 7:30am-7pm. The Service Desk is located in the Marriott Library Faculty Center (MLIB 1705).