• General Access - Centrally Managed Learning Spaces Currently Installed with A/V Equipment, University of Utah Campus

The University of Utah maintains almost 1300 buildings and structures across the campus and related areas. For academic and research buildings, many contain learnings spaces (classrooms, auditoriums, labs, conference rooms, seminar rooms, etc.) that are considered "General Access," meaning these facilities are open to scheduling and use by any campus organization or department. This type of access makes these rooms eligible for centralized design, management, and refurbishment for any A/V technologies that are installed. Many are also eligible for continuing maintenance. 

For the most recent PDF report of the University's General Assignment Classroom List, use the following URL:

General Access Classroom List from the University of Utah's Registrar's Report


Directly below are additional links with regard to scheduling spaces and rooms on campus which are handled by the "Astra Scheduling Software" system. Also included is information about IVC: Interactive Video Conferencing facilities managed by the University.

Scheduling Spaces for Academics and Events (Registrar's Office)

The Astra Scheduling Software for the University of Utah: Guest Portal

Astra Scheduling Software Tutorials and Training Information



The State of Utah offers video and audio interactive conferencing technology for meetings, events and classes. The University of Utah builds and maintains its facilities that connect to the IVC technologies.

Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) schedules the conferencing connection of these pre-built rooms for University of Utah-related sessions and can offer technical facilitators to assist with the interactive conference. Use of a facilitator during IVC events is highly recommended, especially for classes.

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