• Add Students to a Canvas Course (Class Roster)

Registered Students Are Automatically Added To Your Course

The University of Utah Registrar’s Office automatically adds registered students to Canvas courses a few hours after they register for it.  All you need to do is activate your Canvas course in CIS.  However, there are a few situations in which you will need to manually enter students in Canvas.

Adding Non-U of U Students

To add non-U of U students click on Settings on the bottom left side, follow the instructions below: 

1. Click People on the left side.
2. Click on the +People button.
3. Select Student from the Role drop-down.
4. Enter the student's commercial email address.
5. Click the Next button.
6. Click the Add Users button.

The student will receive an e-mail containing a link for setting up a password.  After setting up the password, the student will need to access Canvas at https://utah.instructure.com.  The student will need to click on Canvas Guest Login and enter his or her mail address and password in order to access your course.

Adding a U of U Student Not Enrolled in Your Course

If you need to add a U of U student who is not enrolled in your course, like a student who needs to finish an incomplete using your current semester's course, please create a section in the Canvas course and add the student to that section.  Doing so will prevent your student from being kicked out of the Canvas course.

1. Click Settings on the bottom left side.
2. Click on the Sections tab near the top.
3. Click on the Add section button.
4. Click People on the left side navigation.
5. Click on the +People button.
6. Select the section you created using the section drop-down menu
7. Select Student from the Role drop-down.
8. Enter the student's uNID.
9. Click the Next button.
10. Click the Add Users button

If you have any questions, please contact Teaching & Learning Technologies at 801-581-6112 or e-mail us at classhelp@utah.edu

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