• Instructor - Scheduling of Computer-Based Exams


Make sure to schedule exams as soon as possible to avoid complications that could impact your students and Exam Services operations.

We require a two day minimum date range for each exam.

Set up your exams using the Schedule Exams tool in your Canvas course:

  1. Set up each exam for your predetermined testing period(s) as early as you can, preferably at beginning of the semester. Delays in setting up your exams may cause accessibility and timing issues for your students.
  2. Please complete all applicable fields in the Detail section of your Canvas quiz. (See How to set up your exam(s), below)
  3. The access code should be a manageable word or combination of words. (8 to 10 characters should be sufficient) Long codes with multiple variations and symbols may create delays in starting exams. Please DO NOT reveal your access code to your students nor change it during the testing period.

Proctors not listed in the Schedule Exams tool:

The use of proctors outside of the Schedule Exams tool is at the sole discretion of the course instructor and does not fall under the responsibilities or operation of Exam Services. The instructor must approve, manage and communicate with proctors not listed in the Canvas Schedule Exams tool.


How to Set Up your Exam(s) and use the Schedule Exams tool:

Below are instructions for creating Canvas exam settings required to use the Schedule Exams tool. If you do not have your exam question prepared yet, you still need to create your exam settings so you can identify your exam(s) within the Schedule Exams tool.  If your Canvas exam is complete and ready to go, skip to Part 2.

Part 1: Adding Settings in Exam

If you have already finished creating and saving a Canvas exam, or saved the exam with its settings with no questions yet, skip to Part 2.

1. Login to your Canvas course.

2. Click Quizzes on the left side (you can create an exam in Canvas Quizzes.)

3. Click on the blue Quiz button on the upper right side.

4. Enter an exam name near the top of the page.

5. Click Time limit box and enter minutes of exam.

6. If you do not want students to see exam responses or answers immediately after they take the exam, de-select Let students see their quiz responses.  

  • Click here to read discussion containing important information about Quiz Response Setting

7. Check Require access code and enter code.

  • Please create a passcode that is no longer than 7 characters.
  • Do not give the access code to your students. Proctors will enter the access code for students so they can take the exam

8. Click on the calendar icon to the right of the Due field and select a Due Date.

9. Select the available date range for taking the exam by entering dates in the Available From and Available Until fields.  Make sure to make the Available Until Date is the same date as the Due Date.  We require a two day minimum date range.

10. Click Save or Save and Publish on the bottom right side. 

  • If you click Save and Publish, students will not see exam questions if your available until date is set for the first available exam date.  They will only see that there is an exam in the Canvas course.

Part 2: Using the Schedule Exams tool

1. Click Schedule Exams in the left hand navigation of your course. 

2. Click Open in new window.

3. Click the Add Exam.

4. Select the Canvas exam name from the LSM Exams dropdown. Your exam must be created before you will see it in this dropdown menu. NOTE: Selecting the Future LSM Exam requires many extra steps and may cause unnecessary delays in setting up your exam. You will save time and complications if you create your exam in Canvas first.

5. Scroll down.  Under Permitted Items, select Yes for items you allow your students to use during the exam.  

Regarding E-Readers: Exam Services does not support the use of e-readers in the UOnline Center.


6. If you need to enter exam notes for students, scroll down to the Exam Notes heading and enter exam notes in the Notes for Students field.

7. If you need to enter exam noted for proctors, scroll down and enter exam notes for in the Notes for Proctors field found under Exam Notes.


8. Select whether or not you would like to approve all proctors your students select.

9. If you would like students to select a proctor by a certain date, click on the Proctor Selection Date field and enter a date using the calendar.

10. Review the list of the types of proctors approved by Smarter Proctoring and de-select any type you would not like your students’ to use as proctors.

11. We strongly recommend the use of B Virtual for students located outside of the Salt Lake Valley who are unable to locate a potential proctor in their area and for students unable to travel or leave their residence.

  • Please visit the B Virtual website for more information.

11. Please Do Not check Respondus Lock-Down Browser for Required Software.

12.  Click the Submit button on the lower right hand corner.

13.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the Notification Message and add more to the message if you wish.

14.  If you want students to read the Notification Message, click on the green Notify button on the bottom right corner.