• For Instructors - Respondus - Download and Install the Application (Windows OS only)

Respondus is a Windows application that allows instructors to batch upload quiz questions into Canvas. UEN, the Utah Education Network, provides a license to all higher education faculty in Utah to use Respondus.


  1. Go to www.uen.org/highered/.
  2. Place the cursor on Higher Education and select Respondus.
  3. Contact Teaching & Learning Technologies and provide your uNID to receive a username and password.

    (801) 581-6112
    email classhelp@utah.educlasshelp@utah.edu

  1. Click Download  (Keep this page open for step 7)
  2. Locate and run Respondus4Campus.exe.
  3. Open Respondus. (Respondus4Campus.exe installation should place icon on desktop)
  4. Enter following information exactly as it appears on the Respondus for Faculty download page:

    • Institution Name
    • Local Support Contact(s)
    • Installation Password

  1. Select Instructure from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click OK.