• About Media Duplication & Conversion

Teaching & Learning Technologies provides a comprehensive range of professional media duplication and conversion options to the campus community. 


  Copyright Policy

TLT observes copyright restrictions when performing a media conversion, transfer or duplication of copyrighted material. 

Please visit TLT's Copyright Policy on Media Ownership, Streaming, Duplication & Conversion for more detailed information. 

Copyright Policy on Media Ownership, Streaming, Duplication & Conversion 


 DVD/CD/VHS Duplication

Teaching & Learning Technologies can make DVD, CD and VHS copies in nearly any quantity you request. We provide professional print labels for each copy and package DVDs and CDs in slimline jewel cases.


 Video/Audio Transfers

Teaching & Learning Technologies will transfer both analog and digital media listed below to any digital media format:

Analog Formats

  • VHS
  • S-VHS
  • International VHS: PAL, SECAM, etc.
  • Hi-8
  • Standard Audio Cassette
  • Vinyl Records


Digital Formats

  • DVD
  • CD
  • Mini-DV
  • Mini-Disc
  • Various compressed files suitable for internet, streaming, and podcasting (ex: Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash, MP3)







 Digital File Conversion

Teaching & Learning Technologies can convert digital files (MP3, MOV, WMV, MP4) into any digital file of your choosing.


 Ordering Media Duplication or Conversion

To submit a media transfer project, please drop off your analog or digital media at the Teaching & Learning Technologies Service Desk in the Marriott Library Faculty Center, Suite 1705. Upon arrival, complete a duplication/transfer request form.

TLT can only accept requests for full length works if the requester has explicit written permission from the copyright holder or if the material being duplicated is self-produced material.

Most standard transfer/duplication orders will have a two day turnaround time. Projects involving editing or large quantities may take longer depending on requested project details.