Activating Canvas Courses in CIS

To activate Canvas courses in CIS:

1) Go to the university's Campus Information Services (CIS)

You can access CIS by going to and clicking the icon in the bottom right or typing directly into your web browser.

2) Find My Classes - Instructor

3) Click Expanded View

4) Select UOnline Class Activation in top-right corner

5) Select the Term and Course from the drop-down menu

6) Select Canvas

Note: Before you can activate your course, the university requires you to become certified in FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Links are provided for you to complete the online review of your instructor rights and responsibilities with regard to FERPA and protecting a student's data.

7) Click Activate

Note: Even though you have activated a course for Canvas, instructors must publish your Canvas course in order for students to see the class content.


Watch a Video Tutorial:

Activating Canvas Courses in CIS

Download a PDF Version: