• For Instructors: Activate your Canvas Semester-based Course

Courses taught either completely online or with online components that complement face-to-face instruction are managed by Canvas, the University of Utah's learning management system. The University Registrar's Office automatically populates Canvas with upcoming course names several weeks before the beginning of a new semester, although a specific course must be "activated" by an instructor before that course is visible within Canvas.
Activating a Canvas course populates it with registered students.  Below are the earliest dates instructors can activate their Canvas courses:
  • Fall Semester: June 1
  • Spring Semester: November 1
  • Summer Semester: March 1

  1. Log into Campus Information Services (CIS)
  2. In the section MY CLASSES INSTRUCTOR, find a specific class for which you are responsible and click the adjacent button UOnline Class Activation.
  3. A window appears titled CLASS ACTIVATION FORM. Confirm the Semester and Name of the Course you are activating.
  4. From the two radio buttons, select CANVAS (rather than "Custom URL").
  5. Before you can Activate your course, the University of Utah requires you to become certified in FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Links are provided for you to complete an online review of your instructor rights and responsibilities with regard to FERPA and protecting a student's data. 
  6. After completing the FERPA REVIEW, return to the CIS page.
  7. For your Canvas course, click Activate in the window CLASS ACTIVATION FORM.
  8. Refresh the CIS page, or log out OF CIS and log back in.
  9. In the original section MY CLASSES INSTRUCTOR, find the course you just activated, and click the adjacent button now labeled Go To Class.

Note: Even though you have activated a course for Canvas, instructors must publish your Canvas course in order for students to see the class content.  For more information, please read Instructure's Canvas Guide on How do I publish my course?