• For Instructors - Create a link in CIS for Students to go directly to a Web Page for a Canvas Course

Instructors can create in CIS a Go To Class button directing students to a webpage.  Instructors will be able to create a Go To Class button 2 months before each semester begins: 11/1 for spring semester, 3/1 for summer semester, and 6/1 for fall semester.

1. Login to Campus Information Services (CIS) (Links to an external site.)2. Find My Class Instructor view in the middle of your Employee Tab window.

3. Click on the link UOnline Class Activation below the class title.


4. Click Other Web Address.

5. Enter web address.

6. Click on Submit Course Links. A message appears confirming it has been done. Refresh the CIS page and a new Go to this Class button will appear below the class title.