• Recommended Web Browsers for Canvas

What are the Recommended Browsers for Canvas?
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It is recommended that you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari. There have been many reported issues with Internet Explorer. 

Portable Browsers

If you are using computers in a lab environment, at work or somewhere without the recommended browsers, there is good news. Firefox or Chrome can now be put on a USB drive to use wherever you go. Thanks to our friends at Edison State College for the information.


Required Plug-ins

Below is a list of plug-ins that will help you use all the features of Canvas successfully.

  • Adobe Flash: The majority of the web videos will be in flash. Download the latest version.
  • Adobe Reader: Adobe Reader is required to read PDF files. Download the latest version.
  • Java: Java is a free program that makes it possible for many communication features to work effectively. For example,
    Chat applets and the conferences tool work on the Java platform. Without Java, Chat applications will not work in Canvas.
    Download the latest Java version.