• Equella: (RETIRED) Adding Items to the Digital Media Repository

Equella's MediaCORE was a digital repository where files could be contributed, shared, searched, browsed, and added to a Canvas course. 

The Equella content management system is discontinued as of March 13, 2017.  All Equella videos, content and associated URLs are disabled as of this date.  

  • All existing Equella video content has already been migrated to the Kaltura/My Media video repository.
  • Non-video items (pdfs, docs, images, etc.) have been migrated to the University of Utah Box account. 


If you anticipated using any of your Equella-based videos and their associated URL links in future semesters, please contact TLT at classhelp@utah.edu to receive new URLs.  Equella video links that were embedded in Canvas pages prior to February 2017 are automatically replaced with new links.   

To access any non-video items, login to your University of Utah Box account at box.utah.edu.  For users that have uploaded non-video content, a new folder appears in Box that contains your Equella items.  This folder is accessible in users' Box accounts as of the March 13, 2017 date.  The folder is named "UNID Equella Files."

If you have any questions please contact TLT at classhelp@utah.edu or 1-800-581-6112-option2.