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Learning portfolios (also known as e-Portfolios/electronic portfolios on other campuses) are Internet-based portfolios that collate student learning. They provide opportunities for students to:

  • Demonstrate skills, learning, and achievements
  • Reflect upon educational experiences and make connections between individual courses
  • Represent yourself and your education to graduate schools, potential employers, and family and friends
  • Collect and save coursework throughout your University of Utah career
  • Track academic growth over time
  • Connect educational goals to co-curricular, work, and other out-of-class experiences

Electronic portfolios have become increasingly popular among institutions in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. Research suggests that they can have a tremendous effect on student learning, and we are excited to be implementing portfolios here at the University of Utah.

While there are many different types of electronic portfolios, learning portfolios are specifically designed to help students examine and reflect upon their own learning. Students may choose to include co-curricular activities such as community engaged learning, study abroad, leadership experiences, or other meaningful experiences during their time at the University. Students may also choose to include relevant work experiences that have connected with their coursework. However, the main goal is to reflect upon educational experience and begin to see how individual pieces fit into the “big picture.”

At the present time, the University of Utah is utilizing a learning portfolio tool called PATHBRITE, with full integration in the campus learning management system, Canvas.



The University of Utah Office of Undergraduate Studies offers a comprehensive website discussing the Pathbrite utility and how it can be used in higher education.  Visit the UGS Learning Portfolio website

Also, you may wish to visit the Pathbrite informational website directly from the company.



To learn how to submit a Pathbrite assignment and view a portfolio, watch the following tutorial video:

Pathbrite Onboarding Video



If you are having difficulty submitting a Pathbrite portfolio or accessing an assignment please contact Teaching & Learning Technologies at 801-581-6112-option 2 or email classhelp@utah.edu.

A Pathbrite support link can also be found in assignments.

Feel free to drop into the Teaching & Learning Technologies office located in the Marriott Library, Room 1705 (just across from Mom's Café). Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, between 8:00am - 5:00pm.