• List of Canvas Guides for Using the Online Course Development Software

Canvas is the official Online Course Delivery and Learning Management System (LMS) for the University of Utah. Below are listed links to numerous guides about using Canvas and what the latest feature updates include. You may even request a consultation from one of TLT's Canvas support associates or online course designers by using the link to a request form (last entry).


  Tutorials & Guides for Canvas | Teaching Tools | Integrated Apps  (in the TLT Knowledge Center)

  Canvas User Guides (from Instructure)

  Canvas Instructor Guide (text-based) (from Instructure)

  Canvas Instructor Guide (video-based) (from Instructure)

  Canvas Student Guide (text-based) (from Instructure)

  Canvas Student Guide (video-based) (from Instructure)

  Canvas Commons Guide (module & media sharing) (from Instructure)

  Canvas Online Community (from Instructure)

  Canvas Feature Requests, User Voting, & Development Status (from Instructure)

  Canvas Recommended Web Browsers

  Canvas Updates & Release Notes (detailed information from Instructure Canvas)

  Request a Consultation on Using Canvas (to Create Online Classes by faculty)