• Instructor Scheduling of Exam Exceptions for a Student


Below is a list of the types of exception exams and the parts you will need to follow in order to schedule these exception exams:

Scheduling Exam Exceptions for Computer-Based Exams or Computer Plus Paper Exam

  • Extra Time: Follow part 2 and part 3 only.
  • Exam Outside Scheduled Dates: Follow part 1 and part 3 only.
  • Extra Time and Exam Outside Scheduled Dates: Follow part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Scheduling Exam Exceptions for Paper-Based Exams

  • Extra Time and/or Exam Outside Schedule Dates: Follow part 3 only.


Part 1: Schedule Allowed Dates for Student's Exception Exam in Canvas Exam

1. Click on exam name in Canvas course.
2. Click Edit button.
3. Scroll down to the exam due date and date range settings.
4. Click on +Add.

5. Click on the Assign to field and select the student's name.
6. Click on the calendar icons under Available from to select the available from date and available until date.  

7. Click the Save button.

Part 2: Increase Time Limit of Student's Exam

1. Login to your Canvas course.
2. Click Quizzes on the left side navigation.
3. Click on exam name.
4. Click Moderate Exam on the right.
5. Click on pencil icon to the right of the student’s name.

6. Enter extra minutes to the right of Extra time on every attempt.
7. If you are giving the student permission to take the exam early or late, click the box to the left of Manually unlock the exam for the next attempt.
8.  Click the Save button.

Part 3: Create Exception Exam in Schedule Exams so Student Can Schedule Exam

If you are creating an exception e

1. Log in to your Canvas course.
2. Click Schedule Exams on the left side navigation.
3. Click on Open in a New Window.
4. Locate exam name and click on the Exam Dashboard button.
5. Under Student Overview, select View/Add Exception from the drop-down for a particular student.

6. Add an exam date range by entering dates and times in both the Display After and Display Until fields.
7. Enter exam due date.
8. Select an exam time limit from the Duration drop-down. 
9. Click on the drop-down to the right of Show The Exam's Original Notes? and select one of the following:

  • Selecting Show before this exception's notes will show the original exam notes before the notes for this exception exam
  • Selecting Show after this exception's notes will show the original exam notes new exception before the notes for this exception exam
  • Selecting Do not show the exam's original notes will not show any notes

10. Enter notes for the student in the Notes for Students area.
11. Enter notes for the proctor in the Notes for Proctors area.
12. Please let your student know that he or she can now schedule the exam in your Canvas course.