• For Instructors - Configure a Video-based Assignment in a Canvas Course

As an instructor for a Canvas course, you have the option to create an Assignment where the student must submit a video. This article specifically discusses the best option.  However, if you want to learn more about creating and configuring assignments in general, please review the following article written by Canvas in its Instructor Guides:

How do I Add Details to an Assignment


Here are our recommendations for the best method to configure an assignment requiring a video submission:



When adding and configuring a new assignment in a module of the Canvas course you administer, selecting the EDIT function presents you with a handful of configuration settings for the assignment. One of them is labeled SUBMISSION TYPE

From the pull-down list of SUBMISSION TYPES, first select ONLINE.

A set of checkbox options appears. We recommend using TEXT & MEDIA ENTRY as the means to submitting a video assignment, although you will be tempted to select other options.

There are several less desirable checkbox options with which to configure a video submission as part of an assignment.  They are less convenient than selecting TEXT & MEDIA ENTRY, especially when it comes to reviewing and grading students' video submissions.

For example, if you were to choose File Uploads as the Submission Type, you, as the instructor, would need to download each video submission in order to watch and grade the student assignment...a tedious proposition and your evaluations are not made directly in the Speed Grader functionality of Canvas.

NOTE: In some situations, you may see another checkbox option named "Media Recordings." Do not use this option. The configuration does not allow a student to save the submitted video so that it may be accessed for later viewing.  As well, some web browsers do not allow this feature to work.



There are other configuration settings to complete when you create an assignment.  Fill them out as needed.

Then click the SAVE button. Your students will now be able to embed a video file as part of the assignment you configured.