• Import Specific Items from a Pre-existing Canvas Course into a New Canvas Course

Canvas does provide an option to import the ENTIRE contents and ALL learning activities from a pre-existing course into another course.  Those instructions can be found in a separate article at:

"Import All Content from a pre-existing Canvas Course
into a New Canvas Course"

However, you may only be interested in harvesting one or more specific learning activities or items from a pre-existing course into a new course. Canvas accommodates that import as well. Follow these instructions:



First, click on the SETTINGS option in the left-hand navigation choices of your new Canvas course.



Once clicked, a set of options appears in a right-hand column. Select the choice IMPORT CONTENT INTO THIS COURSE.



A dialog window opens to manage what content you import.  For the section Content Type, select from the pick list the option to "Copy a Canvas Course."  This choice seems counter-intuitive if you only need to import specific learning activities, but this will get you there shortly.

After choosing to "Copy a Canvas Course," additional options appear in the same dialog window. 

For the purposes of this tutorial, enter the course name "Crash Course" in the section Search for a Course. After a few moments, "Crash Course" will be found and appear in a selection list.  Choose it in order to make available the content and learning activities associated with this pre-existing course.  In your own scenarios, you would enter and select a course name that has content you want to harvest into your new course.

In the section Content, select the radio button labeled "Select specific content."  This will open a comprehensive listing of all learning activities from the pre-existing course.

Finally, click the button labeled IMPORT.



An entry appears showing from which course you will be harvesting content. Click the button labeled SELECT CONTENT.


A list of all learning activities for the source course appears. Be sure to dig deeper into each type of activity by clicking the "reveal triangle" next to an area of interest. Specific content will display.  If you want all activities in a category, check mark the box next to that category, such as all "Assignments." Otherwise, open a category and check mark specific items of interest, in this case we are choosing from "Wiki Pages."

After all choices have been made, locate and click the button labeled SELECT CONTENT found in the lower right of the entire window.



Canvas will process your request for a little while.  When completed, you can find the imported content in the appropriate option in the new Canvas course's left-hand navigation.  For our tutorial example, we imported "Wiki Pages."  Consequently, this harvested content will appear after selecting the PAGES option from the left-hand navigation.

You can select, harvest, and import learning activities and items from any course you have the rights to access as an instructor.  This includes files, quizzes, rubrics, course settings, syllabus, modules, assignments, quizzes, question banks, and discussion topics.