• For Instructors: TurningPoint Audience Response Solutions (Clickers)

For an overview of what Audience Response Systems are, please read the brief article About ARS: Audience Response Systems (Clickers).

The article below specifically addresses ARS solutions from TurningTechnologies, called TurningPoint. Information is provided for Instructors. A different article discusses TurningPoint Clickers from the Student's Perspective.



Use the following links to learn more about the solutions for audience polling from Turning Technologies called TurningPoint 5 and the newer TurningPoint Cloud.


 For Instructors & Faculty...TurningPoint 5

NOTE: TurningPoint 5 as a solution will no longer be supported by the University of Utah in favor of the newer TurningPoint Cloud solution. Although the older TurningPoint 5 clickers are working with the newer Cloud software, there is no guarantee going forward that this functionality will be maintained.


What is TurningPoint?

(from Turning Technologies website)
The latest release of TurningPoint 5 is the easiest-to-use and most powerful version to date, offering additional capabilities and an enhanced overall user experience. TurningPoint now consolidates the company's most popular products into one, simple interface for polling in PowerPoint®, polling in any application and self-paced polling.

The new TurningPoint Dashboard offers instant management of polling participants, content, sessions and reports. Available in install and no-install versions for both Mac and PC, the newest version of TurningPoint creates a versatile solution for assessment delivery and data collection in any environment.

TurningPoint User Guide & Tutorials

Order & Arrange for TurningPoint Clickers in University of Utah Classes 

(main campus & health sciences campus)

 TurningPoint 5 Instructor Resources for Canvas

TLT Help Desk Phone Support 801-581-6112-option 2

TLT Email Support: classhelp@utah.edu

Eccles Health Sciences Library Audience Polling Support

University of Utah Campus Store Information about Clickers


 For Instructors & Faculty...TurningPoint Cloud


 What is TurningPoint Cloud? 

(from Turning Technologies website)
TurningPoint Cloud shifts higher education student device registration to a cloud-based interface tied to a Turning Account. Simple, easy-to-use accounts will be available for both instructors and students to leverage secure, cloud-based management of courses, rosters and assessment data. Secure login and file encryption ensures that data is safeguarded while providing one central location for data management and assessment.

TurningPoint Cloud offers seamless polling with PowerPoint®, over top of any application or self-paced tests, evaluations and surveys. Available for Mac or PC, conduct real-time assessments to track progress, instantly view results and collect valuable data. Implement learning theories to positively impact comprehension. Available now for the higher education market.

Looking for TurningPoint Cloud? If your institution has adopted TurningPoint Cloud, you must create a Turning Account first in order to download the software.

TurningPoint Cloud User Guide & Tutorials

Create a Turning Cloud Account for Instructors (required)

(from Turning Technologies website)
TurningPoint Cloud introduces the use of Turning Accounts for both instructors and students. Turning Accounts provide a unique identifier for each user and can be tied to all software accounts and response devices. Turning Accounts are free for instructors and include a free ResponseWare 2.0 presenter license.

TurningPoint Cloud Instructor Resources for Canvas

TLT Help Desk Phone Support 801-581-6112-option 2

TLT Email Support: classhelp@utah.edu

Eccles Health Sciences Library Audience Polling Support

University of Utah Campus Store Information about Clickers