• Student Scheduling of Exams Involving Face to Face Proctors

Schedule Exam At Least One Week Before Exam Date


Regarding Exam Fees

  • The UOnline Center and University of Utah extension sites will proctor exams free of charge.
  • Students who schedule their exams to take place outside the UOnline Center or U of U extension sites are responsible for any fees required by the testing/proctoring organization.


Setting Your Location

Make sure your location is correct so you can find proctors in your area when scheduling your exams.


1. Login to the Canvas course.
2. Click the Account button on the upper right side and select My Profile.
3. Make sure your zip code is correct.  If not, enter the zip code. 
4. Click Save Settings on the bottom right side.


1. Login to your Canvas course.

2. Click Schedule Exams on the left side.

3. Click Open in new window button.

4. Click the red Select Proctor button for the exam.

5. Click Find Face to Face Proctor button.

6. Scroll down to find the exam location of your choice.  

7. Click on Request Session button for one of the listed locations.

8. Click Continue Schedule Session button in the RegisterBlast window.

9. Click on the calendar icon under Select a date for your exam, and select date (available dates are colored red)

10. Click on the drop-down under Choose a Time and select a time.

11. You will see your name and email address under Who is taking this exam? Scroll down to the Exam guideline acknowledgement.

12. The Exam guideline acknowledgement reads, "1. I understand that I must bring a student ID", so click on the box to the left of I agree to follow the above guidelines to continue.

13. Click the Complete Registration button.