• Screen Recording with the Kaltura Desktop Recorder


A set of tools from the video platform company Kaltura is integrated into the University of Utah's Canvas learning management system or can be used independently from Canvas as a standalone application on your computer.

The tool set is called the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder and offers four options:

  1. Screen Recording
         Record an entire screen or part of a screen.
  2. Webcam Recording
         Tell a story or personal profile through a short clip using a webcam.
  3. Screen + Webcam Recording
         In a single shoot, record from both the screen and a webcam.
  4. Voice Recording
         Record only your voice.

With these tools, instructors and students can create, upload, clip, manage, publish and deliver high quality video. They can post video assignments and incorporate videos into tests, announcements, blogs, discussions, and feedback.




You can record audio and video from your computer's screen using the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder. The Kaltura Screen Recorder requires a one-time download of a the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder app from Kaltura:

VIDEO RECORDING: First Time Installation of the Kaltura Desktop Recorder


To record screen content with the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder, follow these instructions:

  • One of the best ways to access the Kaltura Desktop Recorder is by using your personal media collection called MY MEDIA. From a Canvas course, use the left-hand navigation features and select MY MEDIA from the various components for your course.


    A window appears displaying the content items that are part of your personal collection in MY MEDIA.



    In the upper right, select the drop down menu ADD NEW.

    The Kaltura Desktop Recorder recording tools appear under the option MORE RECORDING APPS:

  • Select More Recording Apps

The control panel for the Desktop Recorder opens.

  • Click the tab labeled RECORD
  • Click the tile labeled SCREEN.


Another window opens that allows you to select which screen you want to capture (if you have multiple screens) and if you wish to record the entire screen or a selected area.

  • Click the RECORD button when you are ready to capture from your screen.


While in record mode, whatever you select or manipulate on your screen is recorded.

The Desktop Recorder also gives you Drawing Options to scribble on your screen or highlight specific areas.  To display the palette for the Drawing Options, use the Macintosh Dock or the Windows Taskbar to select the Desktop Recorder application that is running in the background (it's the many-colored sunburst icon).


Once the icon is clicked the Drawing Palette options display.

Onscreen buttons or keyboard shortcuts allow you to stop recording.


After recording is stopped, an editor opens, allowing you to trim and title your screen recording before saving and uploading your finished file.


Uploading the recording is the final step.  The upload is to your collection of content in MY MEDIA.  This is your personal storage space for video and audio files you may wish to transfer into a Canvas course.

After the editing is complete (and you have clicked the DONE button), you will be presented with a window labeled "Upload Options."

  • Enter a TITLE for your recording.
  • The DESCRIPTION field is optional.
  • For a TAG, consider entering your Canvas Course Number.
  • Click the UPLOAD button along the bottom options.

A confirmation appears.  It also indicates that your uploaded recorded is available to you in your original course through the MY MEDIA navigation feature.




A video from Kaltura reviews the process to screen record, draw on the screen, edit your recording, and upload the file to My Media with the Kaltura Desktop Recorder:

Screen Recording with the Kaltura Desktop Recorder





Several articles provide instructions on how to actually use the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.  Use the following links to information articles: 


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VIDEO RECORDING: Voice Recording with the Kaltura Desktop Recorder






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