• Student Scheduling of Exams Involving Remote, Virtual Proctors


Online instructors decide whether or not to allow students to take their computer-based exams for online courses while at home using a remote proctor service called "B Virtual."  If your instructor does not allow students to use "B Virtual," you will notice that the option is not available as you attempt to schedule a computer-based exam. If your course's exams involve showing your work on paper, you will not be able to use "B Virtual," in which case the option to select "B Virtual" should not be available.    

"B. Virtual" is a live online proctoring service that allows students to take an exam via a webcam, microphone, and high-speed internet connection from a secure location.  You must be in a quiet room in order to take exams using "B Virtual."  You must pay a fee using a visa card in order to use "B Virtual."

A human proctor will watch a student via webcam during the exam. Proctors see both the student and the computer screen during the exam. Proctors can stop the exam and make spot checks at anytime their suspicion is peaked. The session can typically be recorded.

You must do the following at least 48 hours before the first available exam date.  We recommend that you schedule earlier than 48 hours before the first available exam date.


Exam Scheduling Steps

1. Click Schedule Exams on the left side navigation.

2. Click Open in new window button.

3. Click Select Proctor button for exam.

4. Click Use "B Virtual" button

5. Read everything on the page and watch the embedded video.

6. On the same page mentioned above, click the click here link found in Step 1 and follow the instructions to check your camera, microphone and internet speed before the date you plan to take the exam.

7. Before the exam date, click Click Here found in step 2 to schedule your exam, and read the information provided in Step 2.

8. Click on a time from one of the dates on the calendar.

9. Enter your Credit or Debit Card information.

10. Click the Submit Payment button.


Receiving Instructions for Taking The Exam

You will receive an email confirmation.  The email will include all of the details necessary to connect you to your online proctor on the day of the scheduled exam.