• My Media - Edit Options for your Video Files

An advantage for using the MY MEDIA feature in Canvas to store your video files is the ability to access those media items across multiple courses in Canvas.

Additionally, MY MEDIA offers a handful of editing options to customize a video.




From the left-hand navigation in a Canvas course, select the MY MEDIA feature.


After a few seconds a list of video files in your MY MEDIA collection displays. You can choose to edit only a single video file, or by using the check mark boxes on the left hand side of your videos, you can edit multiple files.

  • Click the EDIT button on the right. 

A window opens previewing your video, showing metadata details for that file (Name, Description, Tags).


Other tabs offer options for customizing your video.



By selecting the COLLABORATION tab, you have the option to add a collaborator with the rights to be a co-editor for videos or a co-publisher.  Once you add a collaborator, the screen updates to show a list of your collaborators and their roles.





By selecting the OPTIONS tab, you can choose to disable comments made about a video file, or close the discussion completely so that no new comments can be added.  The default configuration allows comments to be made.  NOTE: these comments are part of the Kaltura tool sets and do not show up in Canvas Discussions or Assignments.




By selecting the CAPTIONS tab, you are given the option to upload a pre-formatted caption file with text and time markers.  Only two caption file formats are supported: SRT and DFXP.

The CAPTIONS feature must first be enabled by system administrators in order for this function to be available.




When videos are listed or displayed, they use a single frame from the video in a page before you click to play the file.  The default is the first frame of the actual video.  In many cases, this first frame is not the ideal to represent your video file. With the THUMBNAILS option, you can upload or create a customized thumbnail.




 By selecting the DOWNLOADS option, you allow other users to download a file.  But first you must determine how large these downloadable files should be: LOW | MEDIUM | HIGH.

To learn more about how to make videos available for download and how students can download them, read these articles:

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By selecting the TIMELINE option, you can create chapters for a video and even upload slide images to play alongside your video.

For specific instructions on creating and viewing chapter segments, read the following articles:

Canvas: Creating Chapter Segments in a Video

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