• Webcam Recording with the Flash-based Webcam Recording Tool (no app downloads required)

In a Canvas course, it is possible to add videos from a webcam recording. Canvas has several options for doing this, but the simplest one is discussed in the following instructions.



To record content with the Flash-based webcam recording tool, follow these instructions:

  • One of the best ways to access the Flash-based webcam recording tool is by using your personal media collection called MY MEDIA. From a Canvas course, use the left-hand navigation features and select MY MEDIA from the various components for your course.


    A window appears displaying the content items that are part of your personal collection in MY MEDIA.



    In the upper right, select the drop down menu ADD NEW.

    The Flash-based webcam recording tool appears through the option WEBCAM RECORDING:

  • Select the option WEBCAM RECORDING.


After clicking the option WEBCAM RECORDING, you are asked to allow the recording tool to access your computer's camera and microphone.

  • Click the GREEN CHECK MARK for ALLOW.


Your camera and microphone will activate in a window labeled "Record from Webcam."

  • Click anywhere on the video window to begin recording.

  • To stop recording, click anywhere on the video window.
  • In the lower portion of the video window, you will see a progress bar indicating how far the video has been processed.  

  • When the progress bar is full, click the SAVE button just to the left.
  • NOTE: If you want to cancel your recording and start over, just click the RED RECORDING DOT to the right of the SAVE button.


Give the system a few seconds to save your video file.  The window will alert you when the video recording has been uploaded.


  • Fill in a Title or Name for the video file (required).
  • The Description information is optional.
  • For a Tag, consider entering your Canvas course number.
  • Choose whether you want your recording to remain PRIVATE or to be published the the public collection for a course MEDIA GALLERIES. Private is the default setting.  You can always publish the recording later.
  • After entering the file name, click the text GO TO MY MEDIA.  Do not click the blue "Save" button.


You are returned to the content listing for your collection in MY MEDIA




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