• Kaltura MediaSpace User Guides & Support Help

There are several options to obtain support help and to learn how to use the upload and video file management tools from Kaltura. Kaltura is the service used for video storage and distribution at the University of Utah. It is integrated directly into CANVAS, the University of Utah learning management system for online courses. Kaltura can also be used stand-alone, outside of CANVAS for other needs by using its tool MediaSpace.



If you're interested in adding and using video within CANVAS, the University of Utah learning management system for online courses, we have numerous articles in the TLT Knowledge Center related to the use of Kaltura as it is integrated into CANVAS.

Articles about Canvas | Video in Online Courses





If you're interested in adding and using video in websites and other distribution channels outside of CANVAS, then you should use the Kaltura upload and video file management tool called MediaSpace. You can copy a supplied html embed code for your video file and include that in a web page. The video file will then stream from the Kaltura video servers.

To access MediaSpace, the University of Utah has a very specific URL for you to use.  You will be asked to log in with your UofU campus uNID and its associated password...

 Access MediaSpace with the URL https://mediaspace.utah.edu



There are three types of support help for using MediaSpace:

A. TLT's Articles about MediaSpace

Teaching & Learning Technologies posts shorter, more focused articles on using certain aspects and features of MediaSpace as implemented here at the University. These will be relevant to your use of MediaSpace at the University of Utah.

TLT's Articles about MediaSpace | Video Publishing Tools (not related to Canvas)



B. Kaltura's MediaSpace User Manual

This comprehensive user guide, written by Kaltura, covers all aspects of MediaSpace.  The manual is not so much a "how-to-guide," but identifies and explains the many features of MediaSpace. We recommend using the manual's table of contents to locate a topic of interest.

NOTE: The implementation of MediaSpace for the University of Utah varies somewhat from the menu options found in Kaltura's all-purpose user manual. To review instructions and features specific to the University's instance of MediaSpace, see Section A above for "TLT's Articles about Kaltura MediaSpace."

Kaltura's MediaSpace User Manual, Version 5.50



C. Kaltura's Knowledge Center

For step-by-step instructions on how to use various features of MediaSpace, we recommend going to the Knowledge Center hosted by Kaltura.  When searching for a set of instructions, be sure to include the term "MediaSpace" when entering your criteria in the Kaltura Knowledge Center's search box. It may take some sleuthing to find what you need.

Kaltura's Knowledge Center Articles about MediaSpace