• Interactive Video Quizzes - Using the Kaltura IVQ in Canvas

The University of Utah has added another video feature to its Canvas learning management system. It is called IVQ: Interactive Video Quizzes and is part of the campus Kaltura Video Repository and Publishing Platform solution that integrates with Canvas for storing and distributing video and audio items.

The IVQ allows multiple choice questions to be imbedded within an existing video file. As users watch a video, each question appears at a preselected point as determined by the creator of the Interactive Video Quiz. The video continues playing after a user answers a question. Some of the options available in the settings for an IVQ are:

  • Repeat sections
  • Skip questions
  • Revise answers
  • Receive hints
  • Discover correct answers
  • Download questions before taking an IVQ
  • Feedback on correct or incorrect answers
  • Return later to finish an IVQ if it cannot be completed in one online session

The Interactive Video Quiz is part of the video player used to control the playback of any video delivered by the Kaltura platform. Viewing and use of an IVQ is supported on any digital device.


We will be writing more articles about using IVQ.  But to get started right away with Interactive Video Quizzes, there are user guides and video tutorials provided by Kaltura that will be of help...



For Instructors: Guide to Creating and Working with Interactive Video Quizzes

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For Instructors: Guide to the Canvas Gradebook and an Interactive Video Quiz



For Students: Video Tutorial - Taking an Interactive Video Quiz

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