• Instructor Scheduling of Computer + Paper Exams


Make sure to schedule exams as soon as possible to avoid complications that could impact your students and Uonline Center operations.

Scheduling exams in Schedule Exams in Canvas involves the following:

  • Schedule date range allowed for students to take their exams
  • Set exam time limit
  • Enter passcode no longer than 8 characters involving two unrelated words
  • If applicable, select materials students are allowed to use during the exam
  • Attach exam as .doc, docx or .pdf and email examinfo@utah.edu that you have attached a document.
  • Instruct out of area proctors to email completed exams to you, and make sure to provide your preferred e-mail address

Students Using Proctors Outside Schedule Exams:

  • Students need your permission to select a proctor outside Schedule Exams.  If you give a student permission to have a proctor outside Schedule Exams, you will need to approve the proctor and send exams to the proctor, and receive completed exams from the proctor

You will attach the paper portion of exams when you schedule them.

Below are instructions for adding Canvas exam settings required for scheduling exams.  If you do not have any question yet for an exam, create an exam in Canvas with settings only.  If you have already finished creating and saving a Canvas exam, with or without questions, skip to Part 2.

Part 1: Add Settings in Exam

Create your exams in Canvas before you schedule them. However, if you are not yet ready to add questions to your exam, please create the exam with an exam title starting with course number and section.  Make sure to enter exam settings and save the exam; you can add question later.  For exam creation instructions, please read Instructure's How Do I Create a Quiz for Individual Questions? (you can create exams in Quizzes in Canvas.)

1. Login to your Canvas course.
2. Click Quizzes on the left side (you can crate an exam in Canvas Quizzes)
3. Click on the blue Quiz button on the upper right side.

4. Enter exam name.
5. Click Time limit box and enter minutes of exam.

6. If you do not want students to see exam responses or answers immediately after they take the exam, de-select Let students see their quiz responses.  

7. Check Require access code.
8. Enter access code consisting of two unrelated words run together and at least one upper case letter.

  • Do not give access code to your students.  Proctors will enter the access code for students so they can take their exam.

9. Select available date range for taking the exam by entering dates in the two fields found under Available From.

  • Entering the last date available to take the exam will automatically create that date as the due date when you save the exam.



10. Click the Save button or Save and Publish button near the bottom right side.

Part 2: Scheduling Exams

1. Click Schedule Exams on the left side of your Canvas course.
2. Click Open in new window.

3. Click the Add Exam button.

4. Click the LMS Exams drop-down and select the exam title.

  • Do not select Future LMS Exam

5. Scroll down.  Under Permitted Items, select Yes for items you allow your students to use during the exam.

Regarding E-Readers: The UOnline Center does not allow e-readers, so please do not select Yes for e-readers.

6. If you need to enter exam notes for your students to see when they schedule their exams, scroll down to the Exam Notes heading and enter exam notes in the Notes for Students field.

7. In the Notes for Proctors field, instruct out of area proctors to e-mail the completed paper portion of the exam, and make sure to provide your preferred e-mail address.

8. Click the Add Attachment button and upload the paper-portion of the exam.

9. Select whether or not you would like to approve all proctors your students will select in Schedule Exams.

Important Note: If you select "No students can request sessions with any proctor", you will need to approve proctors for students whom you have given permission to find a student outside list of proctors provided in Schedule Exams. Selecting No means you don't need to approve proctors that students select in Schedule Exams.

10. If you would like students to select a proctor by a certain date, click on the Proctor Selection Date field and enter a date using the calendar.

11. De-select B Virtual as type of proctor you approve.  B Virtual is for computer-based only exams.

12. Please Do Not check Respondus Lock-Down Browser for Required Software.
13. Click the Submit button on the lower right hand corner.
14. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the Notification Message that goes out to students and add more to the message if you wish.
15. If you want students to read the Notification Message, click the Notify button on the bottom right side.