• About Kaltura MediaSpace & Logging In



Kaltura MediaSpace is a media destination site for the University of Utah that stores and publishes videos to the campus community. It is a standalone repository and exists outside of the University learning management system for online courses, CANVAS (although the standalone version and video in Canvas share the same recording tools and "My Media" personal collection of videos).

University of Utah MediaSpace (https://mediaspace.utah.edu)




With MediaSpace you can...

  • Browse and view...
    • user-generated custom playlists (sequences of videos)
    • user-generated custom channels that you personally manage, or
    • access your "My Media" collection of videos that you have either populated with files from within Canvas or by using MediaSpace outside of Canvas
  • Upload and publish content
  • Record content using the Kaltura Desktop Recorder tool
    • Screen recording
    • Webcam recording
    • Voice recording 



You access the University of Utah MediaSpace (https://mediaspace.utah.edu) by logging in with your University of Utah uNID and its associated password. 

After reaching the homepage for MediaSpace, use the "LOGIN" menu options located in the upper right of the web browser window.



If you select the plain "Login" option, you will simply remain on the homepage, but under your University uNID account. When using the "Login" option you can browse videos and media files that are designated as publicly available to anyone who has logged into MediaSpace. When using the plain "Login" option you can always get to your MY MEDIA collection from the same menu.



If you select the "My Media" option, you are taken to the collection of video files you have already placed into your personal MY MEDIA repository (either using MediaSpace or the same MY MEDIA features integrated into the learning management system for the University, CANVAS).



MY MEDIA has been referred to as a "Personal Bucket of Media Items." This "bucket" is associated with the collection owner's University of Utah ID (uNID). Items stored in MY MEDIA are accessible only to the owner. 

If the owner of a My Media collection wishes to make a video available other users to view, then that video item can be re-published for public viewing into a CHANNEL or added to a customized PLAYLIST. 




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