• 1. My Media - Personal Storage for Media Items

Kaltura MediaSpace is a media destination site for the University of Utah that stores and publishes videos to the campus community. It is a standalone repository and exists outside of the University learning management system for online courses, CANVAS (although the standalone version and video in Canvas share the same recording tools and "My Media" personal collection of videos).

Usually, any media you record, create, or upload to MediaSpace is stored in your personal collection of media items called MY MEDIA rather than being published to PLAYLISTS and CHANNELS that MediaSpace can host.

There are five areas in which media files can be stored and/or shared.

  1. My Media
  2. Playlists
  3. Channels
  4. Share a Media Item
  5. Media Galleries/Categories

Below, MY MEDIA is explained.



The area called MY MEDIA is referred to as a "Personal Bucket of Media Items." This "bucket" is associated with the collection owner's University of Utah ID (uNID). Items stored in MY MEDIA are accessible only to the owner.

When you first log into MediaSpace, the "Login" menu option allows you to go directly to your My Media collection.


Or, once logged into the UofU MediaSpace, the menu options under your login name (upper right) allow you to access media files located in various areas:


If the owner of a My Media collection wishes to make a video available for other users to view, then that video item can be shared or re-published for public viewing using the Playlists and Channels media collections. 

When Playlists and Channels are created, the access rights for other users are defined. Then items from your My Media collection or newly uploaded items can be directly transferred to an existing Playlist or Channel.

Another option is to Share a specific media item via a URL link.



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