• 1a. My Media - Media Upload (Import Pre-existing Videos)



The following instructions show how to import any pre-existing video into MediaSpace in your My Media personal and private collection of video items. 



You access the University of Utah MediaSpace (https://mediaspace.utah.edu) by logging in with your University of Utah uNID and its associated password. 

After reaching the homepage for MediaSpace, use the "LOGIN" menu options located in the upper right of the web browser window.




If you select the "My Media" option, you are taken to the collection of video files you have already placed into your personal MY MEDIA repository (either using MediaSpace or the same MY MEDIA features integrated into the learning management system for the University, CANVAS).

After a few seconds, the list of your media items appears. (The actual appearance of the options and buttons may change as the layouts are modified and updated over time. The functions and features should remain the same.)





Click the Add New button in the upper right of MY MEDIA and select the option Media Upload.


 After clicking the option Media Upload, you are asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions associated with distributing content in MediaSpace at the University of Utah. Click the check box to agree with the terms and conditions.


The window lengthens and shows a button you can use to select a file to upload.

Click the button Choose a file to Upload.

Your computer's hard drive contents are displayed (in whichever manner your Macintosh or Windows-based computer is set up). Navigate to your video file and choose it for upload.

  • A progress bar indicates the time to upload the file you selected.
  • A confirmation, "Upload Completed," is indicated
  • The Name of the file is required, but should already be filled in. Alter the name if needed.
  • The Description is optional.
  • You may want to add a Tag that indicates the Canvas course for which you are using the uploaded video or some subject matter.


  • Typically, leave the default setting that earmarks your uploaded video as "Private."
  • Click the SAVE button.
  • After saving, click the text phrase "GO TO MY MEDIA."

Give the system a few seconds to add the video file to your personal collection of media in My Media.  The My Media window that lists your content appears, listing the most recent video at the top.





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