• 4. Share a Media Item - URL or Embed Code

Kaltura MediaSpace is a media destination site for the University of Utah that stores and publishes videos to the campus community. It is a standalone repository and exists outside of the University learning management system for online courses, CANVAS (although the standalone version and video in Canvas share the same recording tools and "My Media" personal collection of videos).

Usually, any media you record, create, or upload to MediaSpace is stored in your personal collection of media items called MY MEDIA rather than being published to PLAYLISTS and CHANNELS that MediaSpace can host.

 There are five areas in which media files can be stored and/or shared.

  1. My Media
  2. Playlists
  3. Channels
  4. Share a Media Item
  5. Media Galleries/Categories

Below, SHARING A MEDIA ITEM is explained.




Sharing a media item allows you to...

  • send a URL link that directly accesses a selected media item for playback
  • generates an Embed Code you can add to a web page that allows a media item to play within an HTML iFrame.

NOTE: Only members of the University of Utah community that have UofU ID's (uNIDS) can access items in MediaSpace. A login is required.

From your account menu in the upper right, select the option MY MEDIA.


From the list of all media items in your MY MEDIA account, click on an individual media item.  It opens in its own window.

By default, the DETAILS tab that appears below the playback controller is selected.  It shows metadata about the media item.

In order share the media item, click the other tab labeled "SHARE".


Now you can see the two sharing options: (1) Link to Media Page, or (2) Embed.

    • This option generates a URL you can share with others or place in a web page.
    • A URL link is governed by access restrictions to the UofU MediaSpace account.

  2. EMBED
    • This option generates an HTML iFrame embed code you can place in a web page.
    • You can also set the video player size.
    • Note that the embed code options allows the media item to be viewable as public to anyone.






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